Stay in a Large Holiday Home!

Large holiday houses can offer the perfect solution to the common conundrum of where to take a large group; whether they be family, friends, or perhaps even coworkers. In addition to having a more private experience in a large holiday house, you also have the option of selecting a house that is as basic, or as “fully-loaded”, as you desire. The freedom afforded by a large holiday house is undeniable; instead of a large groups of family or friends meeting in a crowded hotel reception or restaurant, they can gather by an outdoor pool, have a chat in the kitchen over breakfast, network in a beautiful garden, or settle-in for the night next to the fire with a board game and a glass of mulled wine. There may be additional benefits as well, such as on-site parking and laundry services that would not necessarily be available in a more traditional hotel environment.


Large holiday homes are also the perfect venue for memorable events such as weddings, anniversaries, and family reunions, as it cuts-down on the amount of time and energy spent on logistical planning of the transport of people from one venue to the next. Instead, all of your guests can know that they will be arriving, and remaining, at one centralised location for the duration of their stay.


Similarly, a large house can also be the ideal venue for corporate getaways, educational immersion programmes, and spa and wellness getaways. Whether you are looking for a remote location with stunning views for a corporate team-building weekend, or a alpine chalet close to the ski slopes where guests are immersed in a foreign language, a holiday house can provide you with a unique location that is rich in beauty and culture, and devoid of the anonymity and overcrowding of traditional large-group venues.


More luxurious large holiday houses can even include such amenities as a private chef, personal fitness trainers, massage and spa services, butler service, and housekeeping and gardening staff. Though it may seem like renting a large holiday house might actually be a great expense, many large holiday houses are more cost-effective than staying in a hotel or resort, as they may offer corporate discount rates and last-minute bookings that more traditional, corporate-owned venues may not be able to offer.


Most large holiday houses can be booked via a letting agent or holiday booking agency, although there are some that are also privately owned and operated. A brief internet search will uncover the scores of different options that are available to your group, and in just about every imaginable location in the world. As with any getaway you might plan, it is important to do your research on the venue ahead of time, and to know and anticipate what your needs might be after you arrive. There are a great many resources available on large holiday houses, both online and in print. With a little careful planning and the right venue, a large holiday house can be the perfect location to make your event as memorable as it can be.


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