Lakes by YOO – The Lodge

Of the homes available, The Lodge undoubtedly makes the most determined statement. This is perhaps the reason that it is the most popular of the home types.

Lakes by YOO - The Lodge

Lakes by YOO – The Lodge

The layout immediately communicates a sense of modern living infused with the rustic to any visitor. The home itself is very understated; there is no clumsy or cluttered attempts at simply filling the house with country-style furnishings. Rather, the designers have kept a clean, minimalist style, while allowing a rural feel to subtly finish each and every room.

Lakes by YOO - The Lodge Lounge

Lakes by YOO – The Lodge Lounge

Space was a primary concern for the architects of The Lodge; a theme which runs through all of the homes available through Lakes by YOO. While the home sits snuggly on the lakeside, surrounded by forest, the resident is never supposed to feel in any way constrained. The Lodge achieves this with ease. The floor plan is sprawling in every sense of the word. Rooms are all open and airy, and each makes the most of the natural light with large, expansive windows. Designers ensured that a bright, fresh white was used against deep and luxurious fabrics when completing the interior of The Lodge. This gives an even more impressive sense of space and tranquillity.

Lakes by YOO - The Lodge lounge

Lakes by YOO – The Lodge lounge

The ground floor is completely flanked by a patio that looks out onto the lake. The kitchen, dining, and lounge areas all flow seamlessly into one another, but the sheer size of the property does allow for clear separation and a great degree of privacy when necessary (long summer holidays with the children can make this a very important feature). A study niche straddles the lounge on the front side of the house, giving an extra space with slightly more seclusion for those days that you want to immerse yourself in some serious reading, or for when, God forbid, you have to get some work done and the lake view is simply too distracting.

Lakes by YOO - The Lodge kitchen

Lakes by YOO – The Lodge kitchen

Each bedroom on the first floor comes with an en-suite bathroom. The master en-suite is, quite simply, decadent, with two sinks, a separate bath and shower, all beautifully designed. Bedroom two also has a bath, and bedroom three has an en-suite shower only. The bedroom on the ground floor does not have an en-suite, but is situated next door to the ground floor bathroom. Each bedroom is furnished with soft fabrics, comfortable chairs from which you can enjoy the magnificent views across the lake, and small touches that go a great way to making you feel at home without ever once making the room cluttered. All rooms face the lake.

Lakes by YOO - The Lodge Bedroom

Lakes by YOO – The Lodge Bedroom

The layout was carefully chosen to accentuate space and airiness, but this does not detract from the ‘country retreat’ character of The Lodge.

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