Lakes by YOO – Bowmoor

Bowmoor’s beauty lies in its versatility. All YOO properties offer a great degree of flexibility in terms of post-purchase design, and an on-hand design team makes this all the easier, but Bowmoor’s fundamental design makes customizing your property utterly simple.

Lakes by YOO - Bowmoor

Lakes by YOO – Bowmoor

The ground floor of the 5,000sqft property can have a completely open-plan, flowing ground floor that is 16m long end-to-end, or it can be divided into smaller segments if you prefer a more cloistered atmosphere. This area flanked by the deck which looks out onto the stunning Cotswold countryside, and out across the lake. The ground floor also houses the contemporary kitchen area, a pantry, utility area, a toilet and a TV/play room, which can obviously be customized into a study or work room by request.

Lakes by YOO - Bowmoor Dining area

Lakes by YOO – Bowmoor Dining area

While changing the layout of Bowmoor is effortless, it is doubtful that you would want anything other than a free flowing, tastefully decorated, and completely open living and dining area. The space that this creates is incredibly light and breezy, accentuated by the large windows and doors that open out onto the deck.

The upper floor has five rooms, fitted as four bedrooms and a large study. The master suite has a huge en-suite bathroom, and offers breathtaking views of the lake. The other lakeside corner bedroom has an en-suite bath and shower room, and the other two bedrooms share large, modern bathroom situated on the landing. All rooms offer views of luscious countryside, and all are decorated with refined taste and with warm, rustic comfort at heart.

Lakes by Yoo - Bowmoor bedroom

Lakes by Yoo – Bowmoor bedroom

As the surrounding countryside is so magnificent, many YOO homes boast a top floor that is the building’s centre-piece. This is certainly the case with Bowmoor; the Solarium on the third floor is what marks this home out from run-of-the-mill country retreats.

With 360 degree, panoramic views of the woods and lake, this marvellously simplistic feature is the envy of every visitor. The room can become whatever the resident would like; a master bedroom, a study, a library, a recreation room, or even a bar. Indeed, keeping the space empty for soirées is an excellent idea. The Solarium opens out onto a large terrace that allows guests to take in the Cotswolds air, and to watch the sun go down over the surrounding woodland. There really is no better way to create lasting memories than to provide them with an unforgettable backdrop.

Lakes by YOO - Bowmoor bathroom

Lakes by YOO – Bowmoor bathroom

Bowmoor is an incredible property. It is clear that the designers have kept the country spirit in mind when creating the vast, free-roaming interior spaces. By furnishing it with comfortable, warming fabrics, and rustic colours, the designers have created something that is genuinely modern and rustic, cozy and airy, spacious and secluded, invigorating and relaxing.

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