Lower Mill Estate Properties

Tucked away in the stunning Gloucestershire countryside, Lower Mill is the very definition of a rural escape. From the moment you arrive at the estate, it is difficult to care about life beyond it. Approaching the estate brings you alongside Mill Lake, the bank of which clears of trees as you near the first row of properties. This view across the lake is the first thing that people take in when they get to Lower Mill, and it instantly inspires a feeling of calm, tranquil contentment that lingers for the duration of their stay.

the only sounds that can be heard throughout the day are birdsong and the gentle lapping of water

The gated estate is built on beautiful, unspoiled British countryside, with all homes threaded between lakes, meadows, woodland and forest. Lower Mill comprises over 100 high-quality, luxury properties and apartments, each straddling one of eight lakes or their run-off waterways, and interspersed with hedgerows, picnic and play areas, and communal spaces. The estate can house many residents and visitors, yet the only sounds that can be heard throughout the day are birdsong and the gentle lapping of water.

Lower Mill Estate - Lakes

Lower Mill Estate – Lakes

Lower Mill is much more than a holiday resort. Developers have gone to great lengths to create a real sense of community on the estate. As well as providing picturesque, well-maintained communal spaces, a wide variety of events are held throughout the year to really strengthen the communal atmosphere. Events include beer fayres, sports days, art exhibitions, and music festivals, all arranged by the estate managers.


The Lower Mill Estate – The Concept

The Lower Mill estate was created with nature at its very core. The original developers set out to create a space that allowed people to properly immerse themselves in the magnificent Cotswold countryside, while retaining a sense of security, comfort and luxury. The properties listed here are the embodiments of that vision. While new owners can customize any of these property types, as well as constructing one from scratch with help from the estate’s recommended builders, the properties listed here are all sure to leave any new owner satisfied with their investment.

You can be completely involved in every step of the design process when you purchase a Lower Mill property. All properties at Lower Mill are award-winning creations from respected architects in the field of sustainable design. However, your home is just a house until you place your touch on it. On-hand design teams can help you augment an existing layout, make changes to brickwork and rendering, fine-tune the finish, or build something completely new from scratch. The choice really is yours.

There is far too much to Lower Mill to fully explain it in a few short paragraphs. Explore our site to learn more about this wonderfully idyllic retreat nestled in the Cotswolds.


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