Lower Hill Estate – The Barn

The Barn in the Lower Mill Estate, as the name suggests, is a beautifully modern take on the barn conversions now common across much of the country. By adhering to traditional design principles, Willmore Iles architects were able to create a property that is eminently rustic, intimately inviting, yet unmistakably modern.

There is a great deal of flexibility with The Barn when it comes to personalizing your property

Space and light are at the core of this property’s design. With large gable ends, near total glass frontage, and translucent mid-section allows The Barn to be absolutely flooded with light during the day, while during the evening, the property emits an inviting, warm glow. The rooms are open, stylishly decorated, and on one side look out across the lake. Calm, neutral colours throughout complement the soft, warm furnishings perfectly. The pitched roof, tiled in the distinctive Cotswold quarry, creates an authentic barn effect and gives a great deal of room to the upper floors.

A balcony on the second floor adds an extra space, complementing the main deck on the ground floor that sits on stilts, jutting out onto the water. Listening to the water gentle lapping against the foundations is possibly the ideal way to unwind after a tiring day of activities on the estate. Indeed, the barn can feel like a castle to visitors and residents alike.

Lower Mill Estate - The Barn

Lower Mill Estate – The Barn

The property is ideal for groups of friends or large families. Not only is the interior spacious enough to make everybody comfortable, but the surrounding garden is perfect for reclining with friends, for children to spend a wonderful sunny afternoon playing, or for getting out of a busy house with a good book. The space is whatever you want it to be, but it is inevitably a place of peace and relaxation.

There is a great deal of flexibility with The Barn when it comes to personalizing your property, and plentiful room outside adds to the myriad possibilities. Interested parties are urged to get in touch for more details. I am convinced that The Barn will leave every visitor desperate to be its owner.

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