Luxury Cotswold Properties are very proud and excited to sponsor Cheltenham Animal Shelter who do a fantastic job in helping to re-home a wide range of domestic animals.


Cheltenham Animal Shelter

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Sometimes dogs and cats are homeless when their owners are too old to look after them or have sadly passed away. Their pets obviously don’t understand why their Mum or Dads are no longer with them. It is a very sad situation which happens all year around.

Anyone who has a pet will understand the bond a cat and particularly a dog has with its owner and how a separation would effect their lives.


Cheltenham Animal Shelter

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This is where Cheltenham Animal Shelter Steps in, they try to re-home cats and dogs so the pets still have an enjoyable rest of their lives. Obviously they do a fantastic job and this is a valuable service to our community, this is why we have made it our Charity of choice.

You too can help Cheltenham Animal Shelter make these poor pets enjoy the rest of their lives by donating a small amount, it will make all the difference to a small charity like this one which doesn’t get the publicity as other charities.

If you would like to find out more about Cheltenham Animal Shelter and maybe make a difference by donating a small amount you can click to their website from the button below.


Cheltenham Animal Shelter


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