Lakes by YOO – The Barn

Though not yet built, The Barn is something to get excited about. This design is YOO’s most successful attempt at capturing beautiful, authentically rustic architecture. The concept is expressed in two designs, and both are simply magnificent. If the other YOO homes have not felt ‘country’ enough, The Barn could be exactly what you have been looking for.

Lakes by YOO - The Barn

Lakes by YOO – The Barn

The building itself is immediately recognisable as a modern barn conversion, although there is much more to it than that. While some barn conversions can be restricted by the existing structures and protected status of the building, YOO have been able to merge the modern and the traditional with full force.

Lakes by YOO - The Barn outside

Lakes by YOO – The Barn outside

The unmistakable YOO penchant for light and space has been fully embraced by the architects working on The Barn. Huge windows make up essentially the whole of each gable end, and whole sections of the building’s side have been carved out and replaced with ceiling-height glass. This completely bathes the house in light. Coupled with the vaulted barn roof, this has the effect of making the building seem both warm and almost cathedral like in its spaciousness.

Lakes by YOO - The Barn lounge

Lakes by YOO – The Barn lounge

Built from green oak and Cotswold stone, this home is authentic in every sense. The country atmosphere is heightened further by the herb garden, outdoor pool, and luscious woodland that surrounds the property. The woodland offers welcome shade in the warm summer months, and adds to the sense of seclusion that comes naturally to The Barn.


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