Lakes by YOO – The Terrace

The Terrace is designed to make the most of the Cotswold’s stunning scenery. A spacious, four bedroom property, The Terrace offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and lakes from the rooftop terrace. As with all YOO properties, each room makes the most of natural light, with large, tall windows and a soft, white colour scheme.

Lakes by YOO - The Terrace

Lakes by YOO – The Terrace

The most prominent feature of The Terrace, the one that you immediately need to know more about, is of course the rooftop terrace. This feature makes the property absolutely perfect as a weekend retreat with friends or family. The rooftop decking is surrounded by a small hedgerow to create a more intimate atmosphere, and comes furnished with couches, tables, and loungers. The view of the lake is almost hypnotic, providing the ideal backdrop to a family reunion or a weekend blow-out.

Lakes by Yoo - Estate

Lakes by Yoo – Estate

The rooms were designed with space and openness as top priorities. Large windows look out onto either expansive woodland or tranquil water, which always creates a sense of freedom and being immersed in nature. Rooms have been furnished to provide the most comfort possible without leaving the minimalist principles that make the sprawling properties from YOO so airy and flowing.

Lakes by Yoo - The Terrace's terrace

Lakes by Yoo – The Terrace’s terrace

The philosophy behind the YOO designs are to create a space that truly is a part of the natural landscape, but with a focus on security, seclusion and luxury. This philosophy is embodied in The Terrace. The property would suit everyone, from families with young children, to groups of couples wanting to escape urban life for a few days. Throwing yourself into the countryside has never been so relaxing and luxurious, yet so rewarding and authentic.

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