Lakes by YOO – The Villa

The Villa is aptly named. By far the largest of the homes on offer, it has also most effectively harnessed space and light, turning them into the property’s key features. The building is an enormous 6000sqft, and is almost completely flanked on one side by ceiling-height windows and patio doors. This floods the property with natural light, and offers views across the lake that are almost impossible to escape.

Lakes by YOO - The Villa

Lakes by YOO – The Villa

The ground floor has been laid out to take advantage of the light allowed in by the windows; only the TV room and the utility room are shielded from the barrage of sunlight, with all the other rooms being lake-side and open plan. A small hallway divides the reception room from the lounge, dining room, kitchen and hallway, each of which flow into one another seamlessly.

Lakes by YOO - The Villa outside in

Lakes by YOO – The Villa outside in

The ground floor also boasts a terrace that is absolutely enormous, almost equal in size to the buildings interior. This terrace is split into two, with one level sitting slightly lower, just over the water’s surface. This subtle feature makes a huge difference to the feel of the terrace. Rather than a daunting expanse, it is ripe for exploitation. The upper decking could be a sunbathing area, while the lower a terrace ‘garden’, or perhaps a kayak base, or a place to come to get a little more privacy than the already tranquil upper deck. Whatever a resident decides to do with their decking, they will undoubtedly make the most of it.

Lakes by YOO - The Villa terrace

Lakes by YOO – The Villa terrace

The first floor has six bedrooms, all of which have en-suite bathrooms. These bathrooms all have the highest quality fittings available, and are all beautifully decorated. The rooms themselves are light and airy, filled at the same time with comforting fabrics and carpet to make sure that chilly evenings go unnoticed.

Lakes by YOO - The Villa lounge

Lakes by YOO – The Villa lounge

The first floor is flanked by a terrace on the lake-facing side, meaning you do not have to travel far from your bed to be greeted by the morning sun. Drawing back the curtains in the master bedroom to reveal a breathtaking lake and rolling countryside around it is a far cry from what most people wake up to in the morning. It can certainly be enough to make getting up your favourite part of the day.

Lakes by YOO - The Villa stairs

Lakes by YOO – The Villa stairs

The master bedroom also comes with a ‘hidden’ study niche. This is through the walk-in dresser, and is adequately shielded from the glare of the British summer sun. While you may hope to spend your time at the Villa relaxing and keeping work as far from your mind as possible, it is sometimes unavoidable. You will be glad of the excuse, if it comes to it, to use the secretive study, as it is difficult to find anywhere in the Villa quite so secluded and peaceful.

All-in-all, this is a beautiful property at Lakes by YOO, that goes some way to capturing what the Romans aspired for when they constructed villas. Spacious, open, flowing, calm and comfortable, it is everything that you could want when getting away from the trappings of city life.

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