Nick Grimshaw & the X Factor come to the Cotswolds!

This weekend on the very popular TV show the X Factor the judges get to take their groups to their judges houses. We’ll that was the initial idea when the show started but ‘their‘ houses are more like rented houses or in some cases Hotels.


I can see why they change them though, after all we don’t want to see the same properties every year do we?!


This year new judge Nick Grimshaw (from Radio 1) could take his group to his own house though as he is new and we, the viewers haven’t seen it. But from what we understand is that he lives in London and knowing those prices in London I don’t think his pile would be that impressive.


So he has decided to take his group of singers to the ‘real‘ garden of England, the centre of beautiful villages and countryside, yep he’s coming to the Cotswolds!



This is great news isn’t it! We get to see our stunning countryside on the TV, everyone in the World will see what a beautiful place to live the Cotswolds is; it might just encourage more people to move out here!

Elysian Estates Luxury Properties



More people, in our little villages!!




Go back to London Nick, take them to the Ivy or Buckingham Palace or somewhere!


Of course I’m only joking, it’s always good to see places you know on the TV. So keep an eye out and see if you can spot yourself! 🙂


Nick’s house was one of the Lakes by Yoo properties, you too can stay in one of these properties yourself. If you are interested head over the our main Lakes by YOO page for more details.

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