Beech Wood House for Rent

If you are looking for a large luxury property to rent in the Cotswolds then Beech Wood House might be the place for you! Beech Wood House is Grade II listed property which is available to rent mainly

Quarry House, Ganborough Road for Sale

We love to see properties that are either a little different or have something about them which is quite special. Quarry House has one such thing! Before I get to that here are some details.

Perry Pear Orchard nearly a property for sale

When is a luxury property not a luxury property? When it needs to be built! When building a new property that has to sit within certain constraints it is hard to pull off a nice design, that said this

Grickstone Farmhouse, Little Sodbury for Rent

If you are looking to rent an old farmhouse in the Cotswolds, well, then this might be the one for you! Grickstone Farmhouse is currently available to rent and looking at the photos the inside has had

North Barn is for Rent!

This week’s luxury rental property in the Cotswolds is ready to move in too! North Barn just outside Tetbury is available to rent and boasts lots of nice little features which help set it out fr

Lagoon Lodge for Exclusive Rent

If you haven’t heard of the Lakes by YOO, first off shame on you! Secondly, you are missing out! But don’t worry you can catch up and find out all you need to know about these very exclusi

Lakes by YOO property for sale: The Den

It’s not often that one of the stunning Lakes by YOO properties come up for sale, but you are in luck! The Den is a stunning example of one of these sort-after properties, if you have not heard