Quarry House, Ganborough Road for Sale

We love to see properties that are either a little different or have something about them which is quite special. Quarry House has one such thing!

Before I get to that here are some details.

Quarry House is a large Cotswold stone property set in half of Gloucestershire, well almost, it has 16 arces. Which is enough for most people.

With a long sweeping driveway and enough foliage to shake a stick at (and yes, pun was very much planned!) you will probably need a team of green-figured gardeners to help keep it all in order. But, don’t let that stop you from purchasing this luxurious property.

Now, about that special thing, Quarry House has an indoor/outdoor swimming pool! Yep you can paddle about outside and when it gets a little cold swim on inside!


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Price: $4500000

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 7

Reception Rooms: 4

Specialness: Funky pool & Electric gates!

Property Description:

There has been a house on this site since the 1950s. However, the property went through a significant extension and remodelling in late 1990s and further additions in 2007. These alterations, incorporating the original house, have transformed the property into the gracious and imposing property that it now is. The house provides an excellent balance of accommodation which is arranged on three floors with a number of the main receptions rooms and bedrooms having impressive proportions and views over the garden and beyond.

Source: Strutt and Parker